Friday, 1 March 2013

The one where I panic and forget how to parent on week days

Two weeks ago I left my lovely job in a lovely office. Two weeks ago I became a freelance writer. I've had some awesome meetings, drank some swanky coffee in cool places and made some great new contacts (who will hopefully turn into clients soon).

But now, I face a momentous challenge.

For the next 2 weeks, not only do I have to do the school run (*shivers*), but I'll also have sole charge of my 2 year old...

*runs screaming for the hills*

It's been 18 months since I was at home with a small child during the week. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? We were meant to be in Scotland by now, with beaches and wide open spaces and grandparents to help exhaust pre-schoolers.

I'm so out of practice at entertaining small children day after day. Weekends are a doddle. Swimming, lunch, park, quick game of hide and seek, bake a cake, dinner, bath, bed. Repeat. But I can't keep that up Monday to Friday and fit the school run in as well!

The last time I was at home with a small child during the week, any and all issues were solved by breastfeeding. Fallen over? Quick feed. Hungry? Quick feed. Need a snooze? Quick feed (I'm talking about the small child here, just to avoid any confusion).

But I have an energetic, bright, inquisitive 2-almost-3 year old. I've forgotten where all the toddler groups are, I've forgotten what time Wiggle and Jiggle is on at the library, I've forgotten what it's like preparing 3 meals a day for 2 hungry boys.

I need a plan don't I?


Keep calm. We've got playdough (bad idea: he's still in the oral fixation stage and playdough goes straight in the mouth).

Keep calm. We've got plenty of craft supplies (yeah...I'm not great at the 'let the kids make a mess and don't get hung up on what it's meant to be'. Ok, obviously need to work on that).

Keep calm. We've got the park down the hill (*whispers* I hate that park. When the 6yo was 18 months old he fell over and got glass embedded in his hand that needed to surgery to remove it. That park emotionally scarred me).

Keep calm. We've got enough toys to start a toy shop (yes. yes we do. Imaginative play I can do).

Keep calm: We've got cbeebies (both boys watch too much tv already...I want to break that habit and help them be more selective with their screen time *parent on a guilt-trip alert*).

Keep calm. We've got baking we can do (ok, I'll give you that one...the 6yo can help eat the cakes when he comes home from school to save my waistline at least).

Keep calm. We've got the library (we do! And the library can be used after school to keep both my bookworms happy)

Keep calm: We've only got 10 days to fill with a weekend in the middle (oh-kaaaaay).

So where does that leave us? Toys, library and baking. If the weather picks up, we can go Gruffalo/bear/lion/walrus hunting. And there's always housework - if in doubt, put them to work I say. I need to perfect the art of pottering around with a little person in tow, don't I?

Please send gin/ all your spare sanity/cake/chocolate me some more ideas lovely wise people. Help me survive the next 2 weeks without driving my 2 year old insane.

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  1. It is two weeks and it will be good for you. You can do it


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