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When I'm not baking cakes, fishing in rock pools with my boys or hunting for a Gruffalo in the deep dark woods at the end of our road, I'm a writer. I specialise in writing about drugs and diseases over at Highland Tonic but I can also wax lyrical on many other topics.

If you like my style of writing and would like to have a chat about hiring me to write a blog post or an article, I'd love to hear from you. Simply send me an email and we can talk through your requirements.

If you're not quite sure if I'm the writer for you, here are some of my most popular posts for you to look at:

1. A post I wrote for Oxfam and Mumsnet about Oxfam's Get Together campaign: Women we need to get together

2. My thoughts on why I think Scotland is the best place to grow up, written in support of the #PAS12 (Parenting Across Scotland) campaign: The best place in world to bring up children

3. My tribute to The National Trust and why we adore it: Frugal family fun

4. A guest post I wrote about following our dream of moving back to Scotland: Patch of Puddles guest post: Sand in our shoes

5. A piece that illustrates what happens when my parenting writing blends with my healthcare writing: Monday malady: measles.

If you like what you see, don't be shy. Get in touch and let's start talking about how I can help you create interesting, compelling content for your blog or website.


  1. I love it - good for you! Maybe we should start a network of writers for hire - collaboration, not competition; there's room for all of us x

    1. Leoarna that sounds like a great idea! We could set up a group on G+ maybe?


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