Friday, 15 June 2012

Hospitals & husbands

On Tuesday my poorly husband was admitted to hospital.

While this is undoubtably the best place for him to be right now and we're incredibly lucky to have the whole NHS at our's incredibly frustrating.

MRIs have been scheduled, cancelled, re-scheduled and cancelled again.

He's been nil by mouth every day *just in case* there's room for him in theatre.

Twice he's been prepped for theatre only for his op to be cancelled at the last minute. Other people, sicker than him have needed the skills of the surgeon.

But every time he sends a text telling me he's about to go into theatre, my stomach lurches. Just like it did 30 minutes ago.

So now I'm waiting. Waiting to hear he's made it into theatre. Waiting to hear he's safely out of theatre. Waiting to get home from work so I can give him a huge cuddle.

My mum has made a huge beef casserole for him, which I'll transfer to the hospital in various thermos flasks. Good old fashioned wholesome stew. A hero's welcome, back to the world of the healthy.

Stay safe husband. My soul mate. My partner in crime. My equal and sometimes my better half ;-) I made a vow to love you in sickness and in health. Never has it seemed more poignant than right now.


  1. Best of wishes and a truly speedy recovery (if he ever gets all the way into the theatre that is...)!

    1. Le sigh. No theatre today after all. Maybe tomorrow. Or Tuesday. Tis enough to drive a woman to drink!

  2. Have that drink if it makes you feel a bit of calm. I hope that the road gets a bit clearer for you both soon x

  3. any sign of a theatre slot yet? Thinking of you all xxxx

  4. Hideous to have a Mr. that is ill. I hope he is a good patient and that the NHS work their magic and have him back at home in no time. Thinking of you. x


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