Wednesday, 20 June 2012


This week's theme for The Gallery is pretty poignant for me today.

For the last 8 days my little family has been living apart - with husband in a hospital bed and me at home with the boys.

But finally, husband has been taken into theatre for surgery. So I'm leaving the office right now to go and give him a tight squeeze as soon as he's out of post-op recovery.

With the rest of our family 600 miles away in Scotland, these 3 boys are the sun, stars and moon of my world. In fact, no. They're my entire universe.

I'll be holding them all as close as I can tonight.

My little family.


  1. Awwww. Big hug. I really hope Daddy is better soon. Hug them all tight, but don't burst his stitches...

  2. Lovely photos, all the best for your husbands recovery and I hope that you are all back together soon x

  3. Best wishes to your husband.
    lovely photos.


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