Thursday, 19 April 2012

Frugal top tip #1

On weekday mornings, this is my best friend:

Frugal top tip #1

Hubbie fills it with piping hot, freshly made coffee and off I go to catch my train.

It means I'm not tempted by the slew of fancy pants coffee shops I walk past on my daily commute. It saves me about £2 a day - probably more actually. I'm never able to just order a coffee, I'm always tempted to add a muffin or some other sweet treat as well.

£2 a day, £8 a week (based on working a 4 day week), £32 a month. £384 a year!

How's that for frugality?


  1. Frugality indeed! You could even buy a fancy coffee machine to fill it and be in profit ;o)
    I love your cup - I have a Keepcup but it's not as pretty as these new ones that are popping up everywhere.

  2. I bought a Nespresso machine to save on Starbucks. Now, instead of making Starbucks (who have quite a few excellent outreach things going on, are involved directly with coffee producers, here in Mx have a project with the local John Langdon Down Foundation) rich, I'm making Nestlé ( who was involved in the nasty breast milk /formula scandal in Africa and who owns Nespresso, which I wasn't aware of) even richer.
    Also I'm using more money now on Nespresso than I ever was on Starbucks.
    Total motherhood related failure.

    1. Welcome to the never-ending cycle of mothering-related guilt trips!

  3. I have been thinking of doing this but haven't yet found a carry cup that has a lid that can be properly watertight so I can pop it in my bag and not worry about spillage

  4. An excellent tip which i shall be using !

  5. simple ideas always the best and to make something routine gives it a good chance of working. fab. Found you at the carnival


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