Friday, 20 January 2012

What do you do...

...when after a month of on and off illness your lovely nanny suffers a family bereavement and is too upset to work?

...when you can't take any time off work to look after your own children because your job hangs by a thread?

...when you feel like the universe is conspiring against you?

...when you've got so much work to do you work late into the night, every night, just to keep your head above water?

...when you realise you've only spent about 2 hours each day with your children?

...when the laundry basket is so full, it's almost overflowed into the washing machine, set the programme and washed itself?

You open a bottle of wine, download episode 3 of Sherlock onto your Desktop iPlayer and forget about it all until Monday, that's what!

Happy weekend everyone.

Oh to be back in Egypt...


  1. Hectic life for you! Have a great weekend and try to chillax.

    CJ x

  2. Hoping that this week is going better for you - sounds like you need a break

  3. Thank Jen, improved might be an over-statement, but not as disastrous certainly!

  4. Thanks Muddling - a break would be amazing! Thanks for offering to babysit...oh, that wasn't an offer to babysit...ah well ;-)


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