Sunday, 22 January 2012

Project 366 week 3

Are we already 3 weeks in to January? Crazy. Which is exactly what the past week has been...

The week started with some insane work/childcare juggling. Mr Potato-head came to the rescue as did Twister. Thankfully, both were able to transcend a 4 year age gap and kept 4 children happily amused long enough to cook their dinner. Phew.

Tuesday night was the launch of Oxfam's Get Together initiative for International Women's Day (more about that later when the lovely girls at Oxfam email me some decent pics - my iphone camera was woefully inadequate at capturing all the beautiful people). But I will tell you this: I met Caitlin Moran. We talked about pubic hair (this only makes sense if you've read her book, which I recommend all women do - it's snort tea out your nose hilarious). I gabbled at her. A lot. She was very lovely about it. 

 Then work turn into a crazy crap storm of a week and the photo above and the two below are pretty much symbolic of the amount of quality time I got to spend with the boys. Nada. While they were awake anyway...

I do love how they look almost identical when asleep...sweet, adorable, gorgeous boys.

So we ended the week the best way we knew how: with copious amounts of baking. Mostly lemon drizzle cake (guaranteed sunshine in every bite) and double chocolate cookies from the lovely Mary Berry's Baking Bible.
I think I've almost eaten enough lemon drizzle cake to erase the crapness of last week. Hmm, best go and have another piece, just to make sure.


  1. "Guaranteed sunshine", I love that expression! What a lovely post and beautiful photos of your boys.

    CJ x

  2. That comment definitely earns you some guaranteed sunshine, you lovely lady you!


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