Wednesday, 30 November 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

I've decided at the last minute to join in with What I Wore Wednesday blog hop that (mostly)yummymummy takes part in (she's uber stylish and 21, ok maybe 24), so please excuse the photo I just took in the loos at work (classy chick eh?)


This is my autumn uniform at the moment: skinny jeans in black from GAP, purple cowl neck, ruched vest top from Banana Republic, fuschia cardigan from Banana Republic, scarf from Zara and my trusty Rocket Dogs. I know the Rocket Dogs aren't the most stylish of boots and this outfit looks much better when I wear my chestnut brown long leather boots, but they are so comfy and essential for my long commute. 


  1. Those are the 2nd pair of brown Rocket Dogs I've seen this week! I think I might have to seek out a pair for myself :)

  2. 24?! I wish! Try adding on another 10 years and you'll be much closer! Although flattery will get you everywhere. Did I say just how much I love you?!
    Those Rocket Dogs look toasty - I don't blame you! I absolutely love the cardigan and scarf though. The colours look fab on you! So glad you joined in too x


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