Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Iced Fingers from the Great British Bake Off

We had our very own mini Great British Bake Off at the weekend.

Well, to be honest, it was just the 5 year old choosing a recipe and telling me to make it so he could 'judge' it (cheeky). But it was fun all the same. I may have influenced his choice of recipe every so slightly, but he didn't take much convincing to select Iced Buns. What's not to like?

They were a bit trickier than I anticipated. I've never made a brioche type dough before and I was more than a little alarmed at how sticky it was. A quick tweet to the lovely Holly and my confidence was restored though.

They may look more than a little rough around the edges (the 5 year old iced them, honest *cough*) but they tasted divine!

If you fancy trying the recipe for yourself, it's over here courtesy of Mr Paul Hollywood.

As for the final verdict from the judge himself: 

"I don't like the cream mummy, so can I just eat the icing from the bowl next time?"

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  1. My family have been doing the judging thing with my baking too - blooming tv shows teaching them what to look for ;o)


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