Friday, 29 July 2011

Back to the allotment

I finally managed to pop over to the allotment this evening.

It was bliss.

All I did was some badly needed grass cutting and a spot of weeding before picking some of the spoils. I found some wonderfully ripe purple gooseberries, yellow courgettes, beautiful red apples and some beans (runner beans? Is that what I planted? hmm, might need to consult google images here). 

But best of all, I found my allotment mojo. Oh I've missed you allotment!

This year, the allotment suffered from lack of planning and a severe lack of time. But now I've found my mojo again I can't wait to plan for next year.

I want cauliflowers, courgettes (but only 1 plant please! ok, maybe 2), runner beans, potatoes (always), red onions, garlic (this year's failed - mould of some kind. Another google images consult I think), rhubarb, what else? erm...I'm hoping the raspberry, blackcurrant and redcurrant canes I planted this year start to fruit next year, tomatoes are a waste of time as the whole site is riddled with blight, maybe a wee herb garden? I want neat beds, proper paths, less grass and fewer brambles (I have such a love-hate relationship with them. Love the berries, hate their impossible to tame nature).

I need to go and bury my nose in my veg growing books and sort out what I want to grow! 

And build some raised beds.

And cut more of the grass.

And weed more. Lots more.

June 2010 - so much tidier than it was tonight!

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