Monday, 1 August 2011


Today I am mostly unamused.

My baby has chicken pox. His beautiful skin is slowly but surely being covered with angry, red spots. And we go on holiday in 10 days.

(ok, I am also counting my blessings that he'll bounce back pretty quickly thanks to the powers of calpol plus regular breastfeeds aka liquid anaesthetic)

But back to being unamused...

Someone who I thought respected me, called into question my integrity today. Totally uncalled for. My integrity is intact thank you.

Someone else who mildly irritates me anyway made it quite clear today that he sees me as little more than a spell-checker. (insert very rude, very loud swear words in the style of very loud, very sweary people here)

Someone also questioned why I wouldn't just leave my poor, feverish, spotty baby with our nanny. Then I could go into the office instead of struggling to work from home. Errrr...let me think... baby... feverish... wants boob... feeling quite poorly and rubbish by 1 year old standards...

Well, shoot me but I do actually want to be here to cuddle my spotty baby, to soothe him and administer calpol and other lurid pink pain-reliving syrups. It's all part of being a mother.

As I said. Not amused.

I agree, I may be feeling the strain of chicken pox a tad. I may also be a little sensitive and highly strung from worrying that we will be pox free in time to head off on our first 'proper' holiday (sun, sea, sand, HEAT) since our honeymoon.

But still. I'm not amused.

Monday, you have mostly sucked. Tuesday, consider yourself warned.

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