Monday, 8 June 2009

I love camping!

It's official - I love camping

We set off Saturday morning for our first ever camping trip. We didn't venture far - just to a campsite 30 minutes down the road, but the experience was wonderful, despite a few hiccups.

The highs:
:: not caring about time, just doing what we wanted when we wanted
:: cooking outside - our single burner suitcase stove rocks!
:: eating outside - sausages never tasted so good
:: no TV or any other mod cons to distract us from family time
:: having time (away from mod cons) to have real conversations with hubby
:: the sense of adventure we had pitching our tent for the first time
:: making toast with our fold-up toaster - so quick! so yummy!
:: visiting Standen (NT property)
:: spotting an adder (yikes!) sunbathing by the little stream behind our tent
:: watching our little one wake up and wander out of the tent into the sunshine then exclaim "mummy! we're still camping!!"

Low points:
:: choosing to pitch our tent only yards from a busy road - too noisy
:: broken tent pole means we have to wait til it's fixed/replaced before we can go camping again
:: friends deciding they all want to join us next time on hearing about EHU for TV's and satellite dishes (fine if that's your thing, don't want to offend anyone, but we camp to avoid these)

So, despite a severe lack of sleep due to traffic noise we can't wait to go again and are well and truly hooked!


  1. you should really read molly at ohfortheloveofblog. she loves camping:

    me, i prefer to pitch my tent in a suite at a luxury hotel, preferably in the philippines. and then order room service. less mosquitoes that way.

  2. He hee! In Scotland we have midges. Less deadly but excessively annoying. Thankfully we live and camp far away from the midges (like in England).


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