Monday, 8 June 2009

Goodbye tonsils, hello pain


It is now 6 days since I merrily waved goodbye to my tonsils and it has not been fun.

Tuesday morning we headed off to the hospital for 7.30am. I was doing my usual emotionally detachment thing, while poor hubby did all the worrying for me. We left Miniegg and home to be spoilt by my mum.

Checked in and then I was taken through to the day ward. Had to say goodbye to hubby at this point - they don't allow visitor to cut down on infection rates. Must admit, I did get a bit teary when sat all alone in my cubicle wearing one of those fetching hospital gowns. Yeuch.

Anyway, it wasn't long before my lovely consultant came to see me. She told me I'd most probably be first since I have a latex allergy thanks to years of lab work. I couldn't really think of anything intelligent to ask her, so her visit was brief. Next, was the anaesthetist. A lovely fellow Scot, who put me completely at ease. Then before I had time to get nervous, a second anaesthetists came to double-check all my details and wheel me through to theatre.

I felt like such a prize plum being pushed through on my bed. And I couldn't even see as I'd been told to leave my glasses in my bag. I decided that partial sight was probably a blessing.

Bless them, the anaesthetists did their best to lighten the mood and be funny while they prepped me for theatre (did you not bother to bring any veins with you this morning then?). But before I knew what was happening one of those vile oxygen masks was coming towards me and I was being told that I'd soon be asleep...

...Next thing I remember is waking up with a very very dry throat. And that horrid taste that anaesthetic leaves in your mouth. Or is it the oxygen mask? Who knows - but it is gross.

I spent a groggy couple of hours feeling dizzy, slowly sipping on water until I managed to get a nurse to give me my specs. Didn't feel quite so dizzy and disorientated once full sight was restored! Also managed to text hubby and let him know I'd survived, so he couldn't go running off with any blondes just yet.

That first day, although I felt wiped out. The pain really wasn't that bad. It was more a discomfort than anything. Managed to force down a custard creme biscuit which felt and tasted like sawdust, then they let me go home.

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