Monday, 15 June 2009

Creative lovliness

So it's time to move on from all those boring posts about tonsil (yawn, old news) and bring you evidence of my latest bout of creativity.

You see, I have a new love. Image:

Isn't she lovely! Not too fancy, not too proud. Just a good old-fashioned girl.

And this is what I've created so far:

::1 yard sale wrap skirt from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. So swishy!

::1 heart to give to my yummy hubbie to thank him for tolerating my boringness recently

::1 welcome to our road heart for my new neighbours that are moving in down the road

There, that should brighten up this dusty old blog a little.


  1. i love my sewing machine too and have just sewn some baby duvet covers for a friend who had twins. in fact, i'm in the middle of writing a post about that right now when i wandered off to look at blogs....

  2. How is it possible to love a sewing machine I ask myself? But I do! It is a joy to use and I love making things with it. Twin baby duvet covers - sew (ha ha) sweet!


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