Monday, 15 June 2009

I hear thunder, I hear thunder...

Can I tell you a secret?

I adore thunder storms.

They give me goose bumps.

They excite me.

They send shivers down my spine and make my eyes twinkle with expectation.

I love the sound of the rain pounding the pavements, splashing onto car roofs and tapping on the window whispering "let me in let me in"


We've just had a super thunder storm here. I feel all charged up.

I feel ali-i-i-ive (as sung by dearly departed Freddie)

What gives you goose bumps?


  1. sad movies! but i love thunder storms to!

  2. Early, early work....

    But plenty about thunder in South africa.

  3. Oooh - that sounds like it was an amazing thunder storm Extranjera!

    Roberta - sad movies just make me cry and cry and cry, but sometimes a gal needs a good crying session.

  4. i love thunderstorms too...where i grew up on the northern plains of the US, we had real, serious thunderstorms that you could see coming at you for miles. we never get that here in DK and it's something i really miss. we might have the occasional odd little rumble of thunder, but nothing like the serious, exhilarating thunderstorms of my childhood. sigh. i miss those.


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