Monday, 8 June 2009

6 days post-op

And so the yikky throat continues.

As I type, the pain does seem so be a bit more under control than it was yesterday, but I know that could all change.

My throat does seem to be healing. Just a lot slower than I ever imagined. We had a trawl through the old internet superhighway last night and lots of other people seem to be following the same course of recovery that I am - why I didn't think to look up recovery rates before I went for the damn op I'll never know. I think I maybe thought that ignorance was the best policy!

Up till now I've been trying to be brave and eat lots of mean things like toast and muesli. But I've had enough. I'm off to make some of these:


  1. my sister always says, "i'm just a good throat infection way from my ideal weight," so embrace it, i say!! :-)

    but seriously tho', hope it's feeling better by now (since this post was last week). :-)

  2. Your sister is a wise woman julochka, but sadly the advice here in the UK is to eat as normally as possible (WHAT??!!) after having your tonsils ripped out (OH YEAH? YOU TRY EATING WITH HALF YOUR THROAT IN SHREDS!!). So the anticipated weight loss was a little disappointing. Ho hum. Maybe should stop self-medicating with chocolate.


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