Thursday, 21 May 2009

Whoop whoop! Yipidee doo da! I think this is it...we're going camping!!!!!!!!!!

I spent far too much time yesterday looking at campsites on the internet, phoning campsites, making disappointed noises that everywhere is booked up already (and have been since FEBRUARY!), making puppy dog eyes down the phone in the hope that a campsite owner would take pity on some novice campers and find a gloriously secluded, yet well-serviced pitch just for us. But alas, I was beginning to despair.

Until finally, we found somewhere with space! Hurrah! But then Husband promptly got cold feet and wouldn't let me book it. Mean Husband. Bad Husband. Boo.

So I sulked.

And I sulked.

And I sulked a bit more.

Until finally, lovely Husband returned and agreed I could book the 1,325th campsite on our list of nice campsites that would suit novice campers. What, the one that is a bit too close to a major airport? Yes.

Ah. So no secluded, feel like you're in the middle of nowhere, doing proper camping (not glamping, nuh uh) experience then? Nope. Ah. Ok then. If you're sure? Yup. Positive.

But I'm just so desperate to lose our camping virginity! I'm sure we can cope with a few planes. We live under the flight path anyway, so I'm sure we'll hardly notice the difference. Be just like home. Honest.

I hope.

Oh, I'm scared. If it's horrid and the planes are practically landing on top of us, it'll be all my fault and Husband will want to do the told you so dance but will be much too nice to. And then I'll probably cry.

Oh feck.

No. Positive attitude. It will all be fine! We've read the reviews, we've looked at the photos, we've checked the map and it looks lovely. Just a tiny bit of aeroplane noise instead of the aeroplane, train and traffic noise we're used to. Will probably be too quiet!

Better go and book it before I change my mind. Anyone out there got any advice for our first foray into the world of camping? All hints and tips gratefully received!

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