Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Run Forest Run!

For weeks I tried to ignore Husband bouncing out of bed at 5.30am, pulling on his trainers and heading out the door for an early morning run. He always came back looking so darn healthy though, that I knew I wouldn't be able to resist the pull of my own running shoes for long.

But here's the thing. Husband is built like a whippet. He's tall and slim and a natural runner. Me? I'm more victoria sponge shaped. All squashy in the middle. And I hate lycra (it hates my victoria sponge shape). But I do love to run. The sound of my feet pounding the pavement. The feeling in my legs after a good run. The exhilaration of running all the way up that vicious hill and the joy of running all the way down the other side. And the space to think and be me (albeit a red, sweaty faced me).

So on Sunday I ventured out for the first time in weeks. My running kit felt a bit funny (smelled a bit funny too actually - bleurgh). My beloved Nike+ sports band had completely run out of charge. But as soon as I pulled on my trainers, I knew I'd feel so much better after a run.

And I did. Sort of. If I lay completely still, didn't breathe too deeply and blocked all the pain signals from my leg and stomach muscles. But in a weird way, it felt good to ache in muscles I hadn't felt for so long.

So off out I went again this morning. Reluctantly I must admit. If Husband hadn't practically pushed me out of bed, I know I wouldn't have gone. But before I could say Chariots of Fire, Husband announced to MiniEgg that mummy was going for a run, and well, I just couldn't back down then (especially since MiniEgg only asked the other day why my tummy was so squishy. Hmm).

But yet again, as with all runs that have ever gone before, I loved it. At one point, my legs were swearing someone had put lead in my trainers and I was cursing Husband and my lack of fitness, but then I came out of the trees into a lovely clearing and the light was just so beautiful. And I was the only person there. It was all mine. And I fell in love with running all over again.

My legs were still bloody sore at the end though.

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