Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Our maiden voyage?

Oh I'm so excited! Just looked up the weather forecast for this weekend and it's going to be sunny and warm! Hurrah!

So that can only mean one thing...CAMPING! The tent,the stove, the sleeping bags, the self-inflating mats, the dinky roll-up (yes, roll-up!!) table, the sporks (is it a spoon? is it a fork? no, it's a spork), the mess tins and disposable barbies have all been sitting patiently in the shed/porch waiting for sun. And now, the time might just be right for our first foray into the world of canvas (well, polyester to be accurate)!

IF I can find a campsite with toilets and showers that still have space for a tent 3 days before bank holiday weekend. I do believe that is the sounds of a gauntlet being thrown down...

Watch this space...

Will we or won't we? Will it be a delight or a disaster? Will it all end in tears or will it be the start of a passionate love affair? Tune in for the next installment soon!

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