Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Reasons to be cheerful

Ok, I've kicked some work ass and cracked the pesky writing job that was looming over me like a dark cloud. Time for wee list to brighten the day:

1. From where I sit, I can see lovely pics of my gorgeous boys - they alone are plentiful reason to be cheerful

2. My strawberry plants are stonking along in the growth stakes - may even have enough strawberries for a proper bowlful this year

3. The sun is shining

4. The sweetpeas are starting to flower - so pretty

5. The snails have yet to discover my rocket and spinach crops - more for me yum!

6. Miniegg didn't have his tongue severed yesterday while playing operating theatre with a really sharp pair of scissors (how the other child managed to find a really sharp pair of scissors is another matter)

7. i'm pretty sure there's some green & Blacks hiding in the back of the cupboard - I just like to know it's there

8. I've nearly finished sewing a very snuggly soft pair of pajama trousers for hubby (shh, it's a secret!)

9. I've nearly finished sewing a lovely lovely summer skirt from fabric some lovely friends brought back from India

10. I'm about to go and make myself some lovely fresh juice!

What is stoking your cheerful glow today? Share the joy!

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