Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Funny moods

Oh I'm in one of those weird moods today..actually, I have been for a couple of days. I'm all tetchy, scratchy, easily irritated one minute and then full of the joys of spring the next. It's all to do with THE JOB. and THE TONSILS (well, eviction of). and THE LACK OF HEALTHY EATING.

I need to get a grip really and let karma do it's thing. THE JOB will sort itself out. If I'm meant to go back to permanent employment, and this is the company for me, fate will wave her magic wand and make it all happen. As for THE TONSILS, well, they're coming out in 2 weeks and that's the end of it. No point fretting over them now. it's a done deal.

As for THE LACK OF HEALTHY EATING, that's easy. I just stop eating crap. How hard can it be? OK, maybe over-simplifying things a bit there, chocolate is very dear to my heart. Especially Green & Blacks, but in moments of crisis/boredom/deadline looming any old bar of Dairy Milk will do. But I have a luscious smoothie sitting next to my laptop, so we're off to a good start today.

You know, I think someone somewhere once said something like 'happiness is a state of mind'. So today, I'm going to be happy. I'm going to fill my head with joyous thoughts until my heart catches on and joins in the party.

It's time to start being funny ha ha and stop being funny boo hoo.

Time for a gratitude list later I think.

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