Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Bitten by the creative bug!

I've been so inspired reading Soulemama's blog that I been itching to sit down at my friend's borrowed sewing machine. And today, I finally did! Here is the fruit of my labour: Miniegg chose the fabric himself (I favoured the lovely pale blue sailing boots or a cute blue gingham, but not to be).

Ta da!:A very funky pair of pajama trousers I'm sure you'll agree! The pattern was from a lovely book called Weekend Sewing (I can't bare to be parted from my copy just now, I love it and it travels everywhere with me so I can browse and caress the pages whenever I feel like it).

I can't wait to make some for myself...think I'll go with a nice gingham though rather than a matching pair. Thank you for inspiring me Soulemama, I have a feeling lots of people will be receiving new pajama trousers for various celebrations over the coming months.

What have you created today?

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