Thursday, 23 April 2009

What a crapola morning

Grrr. As the title says, what a crapola morning.

Got all dressed up to impress some fancy science boffins with the hope they would offer me a permanent job on a silver platter, but fear I may have fallen flat on my face.

Them: Have you ever written a clinical paper for a journal?

Me: Erm, no...

Them: Would frequent international travel be a problem for you?

Me: Erm yes it would actually I'm afraid. I'd love to travel and stay in swanky hotel rooms with mini bars and miniature shampoo I can pilfer but I have a Miniegg that needs his mummy to put him to bed.

Them: You have some very creative work, will you not miss that if you come to work here?

Me: Erm, yes I probably would...

So it looks like I'm probably going to be freelance for a wee while longer. Which is good really, as I love being freelance (in my mind freelance = free spirit. ha ha!). But given the whole global recession and all that jazz, just need to hope the work keeps coming in.

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