Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Bedtime battles transformed into sleeping cherubs

Oh my. The bedtime battles of toddlers and their parents. Sigh.

Ever since Miniegg has been sleeping in a proper bed (rather than a cot), we've endured our fair share of bedtime battles. I hate them. I hate that Miniegg might fall asleep not feeling completely loved and cherished. I hate that these tussles stress all of us out and often end in tears (not always Miniegg's). So we're trying to take more of a chilled out approach to bedtime.

Tonight nearly escalated into a classic bedtime battle. Mainly because Miniegg was exhausted and I was hungry. But I thought to myself, surely it's a nice thing that Miniegg wants to fall asleep knowing his mummy is close by, waiting to stroke his forehead to lull him to sleep? If that makes him feel safe and loved, then so be it. Boo hiss to all those know-it alls who talk about making a rod for your own back blah blah blah...

His beautiful little eyelids soon surrendered to the weight of sleep...and he started snuffling and snoring gently, cuddling teddy tightly. Is there anything more beautiful than the sight of your own child sleeping peacefully? Not many things.

I love watching Miniegg sleep and I love stealing kisses while he's sleeping in the hope they will be translated into sweet dreams for him.

Just remind me of this feeling next time a bedtime battle looms on the horizon.

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