Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Veggie pots

And now, a showcase of our vegetable pots! Above left are some sweetpeas we germinated inside over the winter. I think we waited a bit long to plant them out though as they've gone a bit mad and are resisting growing up the canes. Above right are our tatty bags. 2 seed potatoes in each bag, with the blue bag containing some very special seed potatoes all the way from sunny Scotland.
On the left is some spinach we're growing from seed - yummy with some pasta and pesto sauce hopefully. On the right are our courgettes plants. We've grown them from seed as well and with a bit of luck they'll be as successful as last year. Plan to put 2 of them into topsy-turvy planters (hanging-basket-type containers) and we'll have to find another home for the third one.

Above are our tomato seedlings - taken a while to germinate but they seem to be on their way now.

And our pea seedlings on the left here. This is the first time we've grown pea plants and I'm quite excited about it. I have fond memories of popping peas out of their pods and straight into my mouth as a small child! Hopefully Miniegg will love eating them as much as he enjoyed the tomatoes and strawberries last year.

And finally, on the right, our barely visible carrot seedlings! Not at all convinced how successful these will be as I think I sowed them too early. Ah well, we'll see how it goes and learn from our mistakes!

So that's our veggie situation as of today. Plan to start moving the courgettes and thining out the salad and spinach this weekend I think. Happy sunny days!

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