Friday, 24 April 2009

Give me a prod if you hear me snoring...

I'm so sleepy this morning. Later than usual night last night with lots of lovely chat with my gorgeous hubby (why do we always start in-depth conversation jsut before we go to sleep?), on top of a busy, semi-stressful week, followed by Miniegg crawling in to our bed in the wee small hours and wriggling like a very wriggly thing.

Eventually convinced Miniegg his bed was far nicer than ours, but by then I was wide awake. I think I did fall asleep quite quickly but I had vivid dreams for the rest of the night. Can't remember what I dreamed about (dreamt about? dreamed about? dreamed sounds a bit clumsy no? dreamt feels more elegant to me), which is unusual. But I hate those nights where you think you're lying awake thinking a contstant stream of thoughts, but actually, you're just dreaming. Does anyone else do this? I'm sure I can't be unique.

Hey ho. At least it's Friday. Lots and lots of work to get through today before I take Miniegg to his first ever gymnastics class (looking forward to this!).

Need more coffee first though. Real, put hairs on your chest type coffee. Hell, let's go all out and make a whole pot of the stuff to keep me going. It is Friday after all.

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