Monday, 27 April 2009

A perfect egg dip dip day

Bleurgh Monday mornings. We opened our eyes to sun and a slight chill in the air this morning but already it has turned rainy and grey. Such a contrast to yesterday...

For yesterday was a perfect egg dip dip day. We met up with some lovely friends and headed just 20 minutes up the road to lovely, splendid Chartwell. Home of the late Sir Winston Churchill. this is one of our favourite National Trust properties, mainly because it's so close to us. But also because it has a great picnic area with wooden benches and lots of space to run around and play chase or hide and seek.

The trees were still full of blossom and there were even some daffodils that still looked splendid. After a good romp around the grounds, including jumping a fence to run up the hill in search of the bluebells we could see peeping through the tress, we then indulged in some hilarious roly poly's down the grassy banks. If you haven't rolled roly-poly style down a hill or grassy bank for some time then I urge you to try it at the next opportunity. Who cares if you get grass stains and twigs in your hair? It's great fun and the kids think it's hilarious to see a grown-up do it!

Twigs removed from hair, it was then time to picnic. My mouth's watering at the memory - egg dip dip sandwiches, cherry toms and slices of Victoria Sponge that Miniegg and I had made the night before. All eaten in glorious sunshine with a glorious view and some glorious friends. I can't think of a better way to to spend a Sunday!

Oh, and I almost forgot - the tonsils have been served their eviction notice! They'll be moving out sometime in June I think. Looking forward to a tonsilitis-free future :0)

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