Monday, 27 April 2009

The Monday blues

Big sigh, this will probably be quite a self indulgent little post.

I have the Monday blues. Woe is me.

Over the course of the day I have procrastinated and back-tracked over issues so much that I am now completely and utterly fed up with myself.

I need to get rid of this feeling, so I'm typing it out to, well, get it out there I suppose!

I have not been very productive. I have eaten crap. I have not been drinking lots of lovely fresh juice and water to cleanse my overworked digestive system. The kitchen is a tip. And it has pissed with rain all day. So the bedroom resembles a laundry - a look I hate.

Grumble grumble grumble, moan moan moan, blah blah blah.

God, I'm even boring myself!

Right, time for a list of things I am grateful for as seen on this beautiful, uplifting blog.

Reasons to be cheerful
1. Only half an hour to go before I can collect the scrumptious Miniegg from nursery
2. My lovely husband is looking rather dashing at the moment with his sun-kissed tresses
3. Picked up some bargain camping kit today including a very funky yellow kit bag and some nifty saucepans
4. We had a gorgeous family weekend
5. Clever husband worked out how to recover all the photographs we thought had been deleted in error
6. The tonsils will be evicted in time for summer
7. There are still a couple of slices of Victoria sponge left over from the weekend
8. All this rain is great for the tatties and strawberries
9. We spotted a pair of bluetits scouting out our garden as a potential site for their love nest (pity the cat spoilt the neighbourhood vibe for them)
10. I feel a quick tidy-up while dancing to ABBA vibe coming on

So, no need to wallow in self-pity any longer.

Lets turn up the volume and belt out some ABBA hits!

Honey honey how you thrill me...

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