Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Healthy living starts here

It's a lovely Tuesday morning, the sun is shining (for the moment) and from where I sit I can hear birds in the trees and see trees and pansies and all sorts of lovely plants springing to life.

Which means that Summer, the season of bare shoulders and legs (I don't do bikinis) is on it's way.

So I've decided it's high time to kick start the healthy living campaign. I've started off the day with a lovely homemade smoothie and intend to do a couple of days on smoothies/salad/soups. I need to lay off chocolate, bread, cake (sob), biscuits and everything 'manufactured' or full of refined sugar.

Hopefully, before long I'll feel less like a big fat frump and a bit more like the slinky vixen I know I am.

Here's my list of reason to be healthy (slim):
1. I want to wear dinky shorts when we go on camping trips
2. There are so many pretty little dresses to buy
3. I want to wear little dinky vest tops with my little dinky shorts
4. I have so much more energy when I live healthily
5. I sleep better when I live healthily
6. I need to set a good example for Miniegg
7. It's easier to waft around looking elegant when you're slim
8. I need to be as healthy as possible before they whip my tonsils out so that I can recover quickly
9. I need to make sure I'm in top baby-making shape for when we decide to plan a babyegg to keep Miniegg company
10. I want to feel gorgeous!

Anyone else out there embarking on a get gorgeous for summer campaign? Actually, why should it just be for summer? We deserve to be gorgeous forever! Fellow goddesses, follow me!

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