Thursday, 30 April 2009

I love Ikea!

And I'm not ashamed to admit it! The latest edition of the Ikea Family magazine popped into our letterbox yesterday and I saved it all day to take to bed with me. As soon as I was securely snuggled under the duvet, I let the eye candy feast begin.

oooh, sleak kitchen....ooooh, yummy cushions....oh! look at that fabulous bathroom....mmmm, storage solutions....oh oh oh look at those scrumptious fabrics!

I will be headig to my local Ikea as soon as is physically possible to stock up on all the functional but gorgeous yummy products and I'll be giving their improved bathroom range a thorough inspection. We've been trying to revamp our bathroom for the past 18 months, but everything I fall in love with is just ridiculously expensive. I wouldn't mind so much if our bathroom wasn't the size of a broom cupboard. But I just can't justify spending thousands of pounds on such a titchy room. I mean, I want it to look good and I want it to be a place of peace and soothing sanctuary, but I don't want to break out in a cold sweat worrying whether Miniegg will chip the expensive countertop basin and wreck the wooden cabinet it is perched upon while giving his dinosaurs a bath. I have to be sensible (sob).

But that is the beauty of Ikea. You can have sensible (child proof) but lovely looking furniture. I don't care if it's been described as semi-disposable furniture by a certain generation X author. I love it.

I love looking at it. I love touching it. I love buying it.

And don't get me started on the meatballs...

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