Monday, 4 May 2009

The weekend that isn't yet over...

gosh, it seems like an age since I last posted.

So what's been happening? well, still no movement on the job front. Interview tomorrow afternoon so we'll see how that goes. Hubby getting all twitchy and I must admit I'm sort of resigned to the fact that the glory days of freelance are over. Clients are waiting until the last minute to book me, which annoys nursery and leaves the whole family feeling a bit off-kilter. I like to think I'm miss spontaneous, but in all honesty, I do like a bit of predictability. Anyway, we need another reliable income before we can plan for baby no.2, which I am absolutely desperate for. Is it only women who have this craving, this energy-sapping desire, this fundamental need to be pregnant and have babies? Hmm, I think that's a whole other blog post...

Anyway, back to the task in hand. Our weekend...

Friday was a lovely day for just me and miniegg. We pottered around the house, did some chores together and then jumped in the car for a token Ikea visit! I didn't get to stroke the bathrooms or fondle the fabrics but we did managed to buy a few bits and bobs. The best buy by far, was a shiny new first aid kit for the car. A bizarre purchase maybe, but in true Ikea style, it is just so functional! I love it!. Lots of pockets for antiseptic wipes and plasters and it all zips up nice and neatly.

Saturday was caching up with chores day. But we made it a bit more fun by cycling into town. It was a gloriously warm day, so friends came over in the afternoon to play water games and eat cake.

Sunday, our traditional egg dip dip day, was a bit chillier than Saturday but we made the most of the dry weather and packed a picnic. We headed off to Emmets Garden and the bluebells were spectacular. Miniegg found a little friend to play chase with and we enjoyed our egg dip dip sarnies under a tree, followed by a couple of slices of vicky sponge. Yum.

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