Friday, 22 February 2013

Dear Blog...

Dear Blog

I know you're feeling a little neglected just now and I'm sorry.

It's just, I've not been sure what to do with you.

When I started blogging, you were purely about just writing. Letting me whitter on about any nonsense that came into my head.

But then I started to discover the world of parent bloggers. They were all so successful, companies sent them stuff to review, they got free days out and their stats were astronomical compared to ours.

So, purely because I thought that was what you were 'supposed' to do, I started looking for review opportunities. But to be's just not who we are. I'm not very good at reviews of products I'm not passionate about and there are plenty of bloggers out there doing a great job at reviews without our mediocre attempts.

So...I think we should go back to basics. It's time to write about what we're passionate about. Family stuff, the everyday stuff, the small stuff.

The stuff we started out writing about. Picnics and childhood and climbing trees and getting muddy.

What do you say blog? Are you in?


Me x

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