Saturday, 10 November 2012

The mythical long lie

Saturday. 5:42am.


Husband and I are pretty sure that being jolted awake by someone screaming has a lasting effect on your mental health. Especially when it's dark and miserable outside.

We'd both pay serious cash for just 1 long lie. Living in a 2 bed flat means its impossible to take turns at having a lie in. The children find you in approximately 96 seconds.

I probably couldn't have a lie in anyway, even if someone had both children for the night. Pretty sure I've forgotten how to.

But was I ever able to?

A frequent source of frustration for hubbie in our carefree child free days was my insistence to 'get up and get going'. Weekends were precious and not to be wasted. London was our oyster - why would we want to waste time lying in bed?

Or if we weren't being hip young things exploring the streets of London, there was DIY to be done, lists of chores to be completed or shopping to be bought.

I don't see that changing when the boys hit the teenage phase of lying in their pit half the day.

Chores will still need to be done. Fridges to be stocked. Teenage bedrooms painted black.

So I've decided lie ins are a myth. Long, uninterrupted, luxurious lolling in your bed of morning is a work of fiction. Your brain invents them as a coping mechanism, a carrot to get you through the 5am wake up calls of the toddler years.

But they don't actually exist. They never did and they never will.

Doesn't stop me yearning for one though...


  1. We have one a weekend. ON a sat I get up with the boys and on sunday the hubby does, although Maxi had us all up at 5am today

    1. Lots of other families manage it, I know. But our shoebox flat just isn't made for peaceful long lies :( maybe next year when we're in our fancy big house we'll manage it!


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