Monday, 12 November 2012

12 weeks and counting...


Things are gathering apace with our relocation plans. And yet, we're in a funny sort of limbo.

Money has exchanged hands for our house in Scotland, foundations laid and by the end of this month it should have a roof. Excitement!

Down the other end of the country, offers have been accepted, contracts drawn up...and it's all ground to a halt. *sigh*

Our buyers are 'virgins' in the house-buying department, so seem unaware that they need to chase their solicitor on a daily basis in order to achieve anything. Silly things were under the allusion that their solicitor would get on and do the job they were paying him/her for without any prompting.

Apparently, they're 'on the case' now.

We'll see.

But the progress with the Scottish half of the deal means that, this week, we're resigning from our jobs. We're both on 3 months notice, so if we want to be up in Scotland by the end of February (in time to sort out flooring for the new house before we move in), it's now or never.

Double meep.

I feel quite sad resigning. After a terrible time at my last company, this new company is a joy to work for. Everyone is quite simply lovely.

Funny, isn't it, the twists and turns life throws at you?


  1. ekkkkk very exciting but very very scary!
    good luck x

  2. How exciting. I am sure wt will all come together

  3. Am so excited for you! Fingers and toes crossed that everything runs according to plan

  4. Meep! How exciting and scary and life changing but also wonderful! I hope it all goes well for you x


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