Monday, 1 October 2012

Rollin rollin rollin, keep 'em wagons rollin...

Ok, yes, I know. I've used a little poetic license with the Rawhide lyrics there...but hey, it's my blog. I can do what I like.

Anyway, down to business. I noticed tonight that I hadn't written a full review of the beautiful red wagon from that we gave Littler for his 2nd birthday.

Despite the expression on his face in the photo above, it was love at first sight for our little blonde warrior and the shiny red wagon. He spent hours pulling it round the garden...

...being pulled around the garden...

...and generally messing around with his big brother in and out of it. I won't lie to you all, there were tears shed over this wagon. 2 boys + 1 wagon is tough maths when you're 2. But the birthday boy was given preference since it was his present after all. Sharing is a concept we're working on *sigh*. But they did share eventually - after all, who could resist the lure of the shiny redness of this beauty? I was tempted to jump in for a burl around the block myself!

Isn't it handsome? It was the envy of every child on the street and was the perfect vehicle for the grandparents to transport the two boys to the local play park, since the buggy is now soooooo last year mummy. (although my 6ft 4in father-in-law did find the handle a smidge on the short side, but 5ft 8in me and 6ft husband had no problem)

My very handy father-in-law assembled it for us but there was no swearing, no muttering and very little fuss. To be fair, he is a very handy person and can knock up a shed of his own design in no time at all, but still, I was impressed at how smoothly the assembly went. 

There's enough space in the wagon for a leggy 6 year old and a wriggly 2 year old, or a 2 year old and a selection of favourite diggers/trains/teddies. The wooden side rails are unfinished wood, which I liked the look of after initial scepticism. No splinters to catch on little fingers, but high enough to prevent little heads bouncing on hard surfaces unexpectedly.

This design of wagon is actually meant to have wooden rails along all four sides, but we left one short side off to enable shorter legs to climb in and out of the wagon without too much trouble. The tyres are very robust looking and although we didn't get the chance to test it out properly (yet) I have no doubt they would cope with a jaunt along the beach too.

It's very easy to steer and Littler mastered the knack of steering a wagon bigger and heavier than him in no time. Despite it's sturdiness and weight, it's actually very easy to manoeuvre and handles kerbs and woodland paths very easily.

Yip. It's a keeper.

Sadly, we had to leave the wagon up in Scotland for the winter. But next Spring the wagon and it's owner will be reunited for many, many years of happy play.

A heartfelt thank you to for making a little boy very happy and not laughing at my very cheeky negotiation skills. The charming Derrick at gave me a very generous discount on the All-Terrain wagon in return for a mention on Twitter and here, at

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