Friday, 28 September 2012

Welcoming Autumn

I love autumn. I truly do.

It has nothing to do with it being my birthday season *cough* of course. But the colours, the light, the smells, the food I associate with autumn are all a delight to my senses.

Husband has already decided that soup season starts this weekend. I'm hoping for a thick leek & potato number to see us through the first part of next week. Maybe even some homemade bread to go with it.

So in celebration of my favourite season, here's what I plan to do to make the most of it:

:: conquer my fear of pastry and learn to make 1 really good seasonal pie

:: try 3 new slow cooker recipes

:: have crumble & custard at least every other weekend

:: go conker hunting with Bigger

:: find some new autumnal walks to try now we've given up our NT membership ( not enough properties near our new house to justify it :( boo )

:: rediscover the joy of hot chocolate in my pyjamas with the boys - a pyjama party!

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