Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sweet pea, my sweet pea

A couple of weeks ago I came home to a lovely delivery from P&G. As part of their Clean Up London campaign, they sent me all I needed to grow a little oasis of gorgeous, sweet smelling sweet peas.

During a rare break from all the rain we've had recently, the boys helped me fill the rather smart planter with compost and we sowed 3 rows of sweet peas. As you can see, a couple of weeks on and the sweet pea seedlings are popping up nicely. I popped some more seeds in tonight so we'll have waves of gorgeous smelling sweet peas throughout the summer.

You can read more about the Clean Up London Campaign here and I'll keep you all posted on the progress of our very own Febreze Fresh Haven as it continues to flourish. I can't wait to have little jugs of sweet peas on the kitchen table and by my bed to greet me sweetly every morning!

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