Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Top left: Broad beans ~ Top right: Raspberries
Bottom left: Chive flowers ~ Bottom right: Strawberries

Just back from a quick trip over to the allotment this evening. Thought I'd better check in after being told we were 'on the radar' of the plot inspection committee. Yikes.

Despite the overwhelming need for a good session with the petrol strimmer, it's not looking too bad over there.

The strawberry patch is doing well. Could do with a good weeding (as could all the other beds, but hey ho, I'm focussing on the positive!) but we should get a good crop of strawberries this year.

The peas are coming on, as are the tatties and a couple of broad beans have survived the best efforts of the slugs and mice/rats.

Also delighted to see that my snapdragons are still alive and doing well, although the cosmos are well and truly gone. Ah well. I sowed some more seeds tonight, so hopefully we'll still manage a good few vases of cut flowers this summer.

Feel like I've achieved something constructive this evening. I do adore my scrappy, scruffy little allotment. One day it will be glorious...

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