Thursday, 26 April 2012

Out with the old

Chin chin (gin gin)

Today I worked my last day at a company I'd come to loathe.

I've felt demotivated, no longer passionate about what I do and resentful. I'd started to doubt my ability and really question my choice of career. My confidence was pretty much at rock bottom.

But now I need to put that behind me.

I start a new job on Tuesday. Same role, same industry (same shit different bucket?) but with a company I feel optimistic about. They've had a somewhat tumultuous couple of months with a huge management shake-up but they were totally honest with me about this and because of that, I respect them. They're a company looking for a fresh start and rejuvenation.

I want to start loving my job again. I want to start being proud of my work again. I need to start believing in myself again. I need a fresh start. I need rejuvenation.

So here's to new starts, fresh beginnings, new chapters and rebuilding confidence.

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