Monday, 30 April 2012

Monday is the new Friday

Well, for this week it is. And what a glorious Monday it was. The sun shone, the birds sang and I got to have a leisurely breakfast with these cool dudes:

The original dude

Littler dude
The dudes then headed off to school and childminder, leaving me with a whole 7 hours on my own. I won't lie to you, it was bliss. I pottered, I contemplated, I listened to birdsong and soaked up some sun. On my own. I then hung out with these guys:

 And they totally renewed my spirit. So off to the allotment I skipped in search of some more dudes to hang out with. I plunged my bare hands into the damp, warm earth of the allotment and drank in the smell. I annihilated some weeds, sowed some more peas, pottered a bit more and dug over the raised bed ready for some sweetpeas.

Lunch was savoured in the garden. On my own. I didn't even turn the radio on. I was happy to be alone with my own thoughts and the sun on my face.

So, inspired by the day and by Julochka's positivity I hereby declare that this week will be:

:: awesome in so many ways

:: a fresh start full of potential and new plans

:: filled with new people that will inspire me

:: a week of outstanding creativity

:: a week of yellow shoes (oh yes)

:: full of smiles and laughter

I could get used to having sunny Monday's at home (on my own). I really could.

Have a great week lovely readers. May the sun shine on you and find you some dudes to hang out with that are as cool as mine.

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  1. What a lovely post about an even lovelier Monday. I'm inspired!


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