Sunday, 8 April 2012

Birthday train

After 3 attempts and strict instructions on decorating preferences from the birthday boy, a birthday train cake was finally produced.

Sherrif Woody played train guard for the day and I discovered the joys of disposable piping bags (rock n roll huh?). The winning formula turned out to be a madeira cake mix from the ever so sweet Mary Berry. But the ratio of icing to cake was a tad on the low side, so I'll be practicing my piping skills before attempting the next one. I foresee many a train cake in my future (unfortunately).


  1. It's wonderful! I think that is the right side of the sugar highway to be - there's nothing worse than biting into a cake that is so overly decorated that it makes your teeth hurt.

    1. Thanks Hannah! Agree, cake that makes your teeth hurt is just wrong ;-)


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