Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday night musings...

Sometimes, webcams with the in-laws leave me feeling terribly homesick.

Sundays at home with an overtired 5 year old and an energetic 17 month old are both wonderful and horrendous in equal measure.

Feeling like your fate is sealed and people are just waiting for you to slip up sucks.

Knowing people think badly of you, also sucks.

I'm questioning tonight whether I really have the energy to turn it all around.

But in the pit of my stomach I know I must.

Wish me luck lovely readers, I think we're in for a bumpy ride.


  1. You will get there and when you are all sitting in your new location looking back you will see it was worth it!
    Don't let them drag you down xx

  2. You are so lovely lady. I've got to get to Britmums live just so we can have coffee/cake/tea/wine and have a good old chin wag!


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