Sunday, 8 January 2012

366 days of photos - week 1

In an effort to pay more attention to the little things, the small moments, the normally unremarkable, I'm taking part in the 366 photo a day project using my iphone camera. They're not the most inspiring of photos, but everyone has to start somewhere. So here's what the first week of 2012 looked like through my iphone camera:


  1. what a great collection for week one :) good luck with the next 51 weeks x

  2. this is a great collage I love the one with the laptop??

  3. I really like the way you've presented these - you'll have a lovely record at the end of the 366. I love iPhone photography with a passion - Sian To had a great post the other week on her Geek is the new Chic blog about her favourite apps.

  4. @imperfectpages - oh good plan, will check out Sian's top tips :-)

    @twopointfourchildren - he was on the ipad, caught up in some game the husband had downloaded. Educational of course (probably not!)

    Thanks @sarahmumof3 :-)


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