Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A momentus decision

Last night, the husband and I had a bit of an epiphany.

We've been struggling since I went back to work to be honest and neither of us are happy in our jobs at the moment.

It's been a tough year healthwise with the husband in hospital for 2 months and all the worry that surrounded it. Then just when we were dusting ourselves off and getting back on our feet, Littler ended up in hospital. We're all back to full health now but I think those two episodes tipped us over the edge.

We've both been having a bit of a mid-30s crisis. We feel trapped. Our flat is too small and we need a bigger house but our jobs suck and we don't want to work longer hours, so how on earth were we going to afford a bigger mortgage?

Well, I think we made a decision last night. It won't happen overnight and it's going to take some major planning, saving and networking but at least we've taken the first step by making the decision.


I think we're going to try and move back to Scotland.

Husband did some very rough calculations and it makes sense financially. It will mean a change of jobs for at least one of us, but being nearer family, having no mortgage (or a very small one) and maybe even being able to walk to work would be pretty darned good.

In theory, I could go freelance and work from home. So that would ease the pressure somewhat on the job front.

I'm rambling now, I know. But I need to write this down so we can start to visualise it and work towards making it reality.

No-one is suddenly going to give us huge payrises. We don't play the lottery. So we need to do something to turn our lives around. We have no firm ties to London and sort of ended up living here by accident. We didn't choose London, it sort of chose us....

So we bumbled along making the most of the situation, not really planning anything.

But now we have a goal. We're going to sketch out a 2 year plan and make it happen.

I'm excited and a little frightened but I also feel like a huge weight has been lifted from us. We can see a way out now.

We just need to work out the how. And save like crazy.

Home, not just for Christmas, but for good we hope

Home, where our boys can run the length of this beach every weekend if they wish
But it's all good!


  1. Take charge! Grab your destiny by the wotsits!
    Congrats my dear, big decision to make. And just the making of it will re-energise you I'm sure.
    Good luck!

  2. Thank you Molly! By The Power of Greyskull... or something

  3. I love a good plan and yours sounds like a real adventure!
    Good luck with it all x

  4. momentous indeed! having the epiphany is half the battle (believe me, i know this). :-) i find it very energizing to have a big goal to be looking towards - it sounds like you do too!



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