Wednesday, 9 November 2011

In search of something elusive?

So, after 24 hours of living with the idea, lots of searches on property websites and a quick sense check with the grandparents, we're still in love with the idea of relocating to Scotland.

It's funny, because I always swore we'd never move back 'home'. The North-East of Scotland can be a very drab and dull place to be at times. But then, so can South London.

So, why are we jumping ship and returning to our roots?

Well, I guess we're in search of that elusive improved quality of life. But will we find it in the town we grew up in?

Well, for a start, if we save our pennies over the next 18 months, we should be able to buy a house outright and live mortgage free. That would be a huge deal and would mean that we could both work part-time or survive happily on a single income.

Then there's the sky. In London, you only ever get to see the sky above you. Now, I know that sounds weird, but the sky in the North East of Scotland is immense. It's above you, in front of you, behind you, all around you. With very few tall buildings and certainly no skyscrapers, the horizon is a straight line in the distance rather than a cityscape. Therefore, bigger skys.

3rd up is the countryside. Where we're planning to move to is a small town in a very rural area. You can walk from one end of town to the other in about 30 minutes. Head 6 miles north and you hit deserted beaches. Head south and you hit the Cairngorm mountains.

4th on the list is family. This should probably be further up the list, but hey ho. Both sets of grandparents (husbands parents and mine) still live in the town and so we'd have a choice of babysitters, sleepover hosts and emotional support on the doorstep. It would be lovely for the boys to grow up seeing their grandparents on a weekly basis instead of just high days and holidays.

Then there's all the things we won't have to do.

We won't have to travel by train, paying horrific rail fares without a guaranteed seat, into London every day.

We probably won't need to pay for any childcare.

We won't have a mortgage (hurrah!)

These 7 things, to me, amount to an improved quality of life.

Now we just need to get on with planning the details. Like jobs.


  1. damn. just noticed the mortgage-free point sneaked in twice - guess it must be pretty important! 6 reasons then...

  2. That all sounds so exciting. You will love it, believe me. I live in the north east of England - somewhat crap economic prospects, but my three bedroom house cost a sensible amount of money and I can walk down my street and straight into the forest. And my children see their grandparents and great-grandparents every week. These things are so valuable. Good luck!


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