Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Gallery: A Happy Memory

This week, the theme over at Sticky Fingers is A Happy Memory. At first, I thought - easy! But when I tried to find the picture to represent my happy memory, it was much harder than I'd anticipated. Which to choose? Wedding day? Birth of first child? Birth of second child? Honeymoon? All wonderful memories.

Then I went in search of a photo I knew existed somewhere, but I just couldn't find it. It was the last photo ever taken of my husband and I, as just a couple - taken literally days before we conceived Bigger. We went to the beach, the sun shone, we spent all day just reading the Sunday papers and eating the picnic we'd brought along...ah such lazy, hazy days.

Then there's all our camping photos - some lovely happy memories there too. Campfires, bangers & beans, sunrises & sunsets...but they're missing Littler. We haven't managed to go camping since he arrived, but when we do, I know we'll have a blast.

So instead, I've gone for a family holiday. The photos below were taken on our first ever family holiday. We spent a gloriously sunny Easter weekend in Windermere and made a bucketful of happy memories. It was our first 'holiday' where we didn't visit Scotland, we didn't stay with relatives and we didn't have to abide by anyone's timetable. 

It was hard work, but it was great fun! No need to juggle grandparents and keep everyone else happy, we pleased ourselves and spent hours down on the lake just being together. Just the 4 of us. Sharing ice-cream and giggles and a love of outdoors. Happy, happy days.


  1. Lovely collage of photo's. Looks like a very happy holiday

  2. Great memories to have. I love the photo collage idea.

  3. Not just one memory but lots of them.

  4. Not just one memory but lots of them.


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