Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Gallery: Guilty pleasures

This week's Gallery theme over at Sticky Fingers is Guilty Pleasures...

Oh my...the things I could choose for this theme...the list, to be honest, is endless. I'm a little ashamed at the number of guilty pleasures I have, including:

Ridiculous, over-priced desserts
:: Pudding. I pretended this was a treat for bigger. I dragged the poor soul to a newly opened ice-cream parlour where he ordered the monstrosity you can see above. Of course, he only ate about a third of it *weep*. I devoured mine.

Breakfast at Fortnum & Mason whenever my dad is in town
:: Fortnum & Mason. I feel so indulgent when we go to F&M. We don't do it often, but oh boy does it feel like a guilty pleasure! I don't even look at the prices now - they make me blush. I just smile and cross my fingers that dad is paying (again).

Chocolate cake, in any shape or form...oh and giant chocolate buttons *drools a little bit*
 :: Chocolate cake. Giant chocolate buttons. Bliss. Nuff said really.

Coffee - sometimes a latte, sometimes an americano with hot milk
:: And lastly, coffee. If I'm feeling very naughty, I pick up an over-priced coffee on my way to work. It's my treat to myself, to soften the blow of abandoning my babies for the day in order to make enough money to fuel (amongst other things) my coffee habit (hey...wait a minute...but that's a whole other blog post).

But my ultimate guilty pleasure is lunch out (usually at Pizza Express) with my boy, bigger. Which is where we are in the photo above. He's my favourite lunch date. Ever. (disclaimer: husband hates eating out. I don't know why. He's a freak)

What's your guilty pleasure?


  1. Mmm these are my kind of guilty pleasures!

  2. I can totally relate to your Guilty Pleasures!! Nom!

  3. Yay for cake and pudding. Loving that owl cake - fabulous!
    Trying to give up coffee at the moment. Have realised I don't actually like it unless it has at least 3 sugars in it!

  4. That owl cake is adorable!
    I don't do guilty pleasures anymore - the guilt always spoilt it. If I was being pushed for my vice though it would be very long baths with a book, I could lie there for hours and hours.

  5. oh.... ice cream sundaes AT fortnum & mason would be the guiltiest of pleasures... i LOVE the owl cake - superb! i seem to have a huge liking of owls at the moment - maybe i'm trying to be more wise ;) thank you for sharing your guilty pleasures


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