Thursday, 7 July 2011

This weekend

:: will be filled with family times, happy times, together times

:: we will picnic with egg dip dip sandwiches!

:: we will sit on a rug on the hill behind Chartwell and just be together

:: we'll go searching for early blackberries, planning, cooking and tasting their tangy sweetness

:: we'll sing songs in the car and eat ice-cream in the garden

:: we'll giggle and tickle and laugh and sigh

:: we'll hold each tight and count our blessings

:: (there will also probably be squabbles and tantrums but they don't need to be planned)

What are doing this weekend?


  1. sounds lovely. I don't really plan our weekends. They just sort of happen!

  2. Nothing as exciting as your weekend sounds. We will be packing - clearing out the attic to be precise. I wonder how many times I will have to count to 10 before clobbering my husband, either that or maybe I should pack him as well! ;o)

  3. Sometimes, they're best that way :-)


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