Monday, 22 February 2010

Soul food

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Yesterday we were stuck home with no hot water, no heating and not a lot of motivation. So, to cheer us and warm us, I baked this gorgeous banana loaf.

I'd been eager to try out Julochka's recipe for awhile (especially after I saw how gorgeous Spud's version looked), but I'm just not that great using cups - the scientist in me prefers grams and kg or even good old lbs and oz.

So instead, I used this recipe. But I was wise enough to include some chunky chocolate chips as suggested by Julochka's daughter. And oh my, it is quite simply divine.

Put it this way, I'm now 50% baby bump and 50% banana bread belly. But it's time for another slice, so we could be pushing 60% banana bread belly by the end of the day. Hmm, can I justify making another a mere 24 hours after the first? Surely baking is good for the soul (if not for the hips/thighs/tum) and that's good enough for me.


  1. banana bread very good for the baby belly (and a cup is just 240grams) :-)

    the chocolate makes it divine, doesn't it?

    i actually bought old marked-down organic bananas at the store yesterday so that i can make it again soon!

  2. Thanks julochka! I'm totally addicted to it xx


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