Sunday, 31 January 2010

Maternity clothes suck!

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So, now my big (and every growing) secret is out in the open, I can have a good old whinge about the serious lack of stylish maternity wear out there.

I really thought things would have improved this time round. Last time I was pregnant we didn't have GAP maternity in the UK. And although I picked up a great pair of skinny maternity jeans and a couple of nice tops, 3 items do not a maternity wardrobe make.

What I'm really struggling to find is something that's in my style. I like to feel a little bit funky. Dresses over trousers, nice bright colours, funky tops. I'm not really a jeans and t-shirt girl.

So why do companies that make maternity clothes think that just because I'm pregnant I'd like to wear cheap cotton t-shirt emblazoned with slogans such as "my bump rocks" in goth rock script or "yummy mummy" or "it's not over til the fat lady screams"? Erm, no thank you. And I don't want to wear Mickey Mouse or Peanut across my amble pregnant bosom either thank you very much.

So what's a girl to do?

Get herself down to the divine Liberty's and buy up a good three metres of gorgeous Liberty print in a nice stretchy jersey, that's what!

I'm thinking a wrap dress. Something that will grow with me. Not sure if I'm brave enough to hit the sewing machine without a pattern, but my google searches have yet to yield a decent pattern so far, so I might just have to wing it.

Anything's better than a pregnant 30-something clad in a glittery Mickey Mouse t-shirt right?

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